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A&J offers consulting services targeted at both Operating Companies and Private Equity Groups. Regarding Private Equity Groups, consulting services include both follow-up work subsequent to transaction closings, such as facilitating Strategic Planning Seminars for newly acquired entities, as well as ongoing portfolio company analysis work. Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Development and Implementation of Strategic Plans - A&J has significant experience in the development and implementation of strategic plans for companies in numerous industries. The Firm has facilitated a number of Strategic Planning Seminars for both newly acquired entities and as an annual process for others.

  • Development and Implementation of Cost Reduction Programs - A&J has developed and implemented cost reduction plans in numerous companies. The Firm possesses numerous years of turnaround situation management experience.

  • Management Team Development - A&J has recruited and developed management teams for many of its portfolio companies over the years and maintains access to numerous managers encompassing a variety of disciplines.

  • Development and Implementation of Acquisition Programs - A&J has developed and implemented strategic acquisition programs for numerous companies.

  • Management Oversight and/or Fulfilling Management Positions - A&J has often served in an oversight role for private equity firms and other financing entities.

  • Portfolio Company Oversight - A&J possesses significant experience in the performance of portfolio company overview analyses for banks and other investor groups.
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