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A&J, formerly known as The Kabot Group, LLC and Attila Holdings, Inc., was founded in 1981 for the purpose of acquiring a portfolio of established operating companies and to provide consulting services to a small group of select clients. In 2000, A&J was formally organized as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Florida. In 2008 A&J adopted its present name and was reorganized as a C Corporation in the state of Florida. Founders Gary Kabot and Glenn Asaff, have proven track records in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, financings, turnaround management, and strategic consulting. Gary's background is finance and Glenn's is engineering and manufacturing, however, both obtained their MBA's from the Harvard Business School. Robin Lively, A&J's newest member, founded and operated two business consulting firms following her ten year tenure with Bank of America focused on the specific areas of global financial services and treasury/cash management.

During the period 1981 through 2007, A&J developed and implemented acquisition programs in several different industries:

  • Metal Fabrication and Processing - Commencing in 1983, A&J, in association with two partners, created a new private company which, through a series of 12 acquisitions, quickly grew to a revenue base of $300 million per year. This entity was listed as one of the 400 largest private companies by Forbes Magazine.

  • Aluminum Fabrication - In 1988 A&J acquired an upscale manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows from the Federal Bankruptcy Court and immediately developed and implemented an aggressive, yet successful, turnaround plan.

  • Environmental Industry - In 1994 A&J acquired a small environmental services entity, merged it with a public vehicle, raised approximately $30 million in financing and then acquired eleven additional entities.

  • Licensed Products Industry - In 2002 A&J acquired a small manufacturer of licensed products selling products licensed by the NFL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR and approximately 150 major colleges. Distribution included major retailers (Wal-Mart and numerous others), stadiums directly (exclusive relationship with the NFL and Major League Baseball), and various distributors throughout the nation.

  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining Industries - In 2006, A&J acquired a precision sheet metal fabrication entity. During the first year of operations a major cost reduction program was developed and successfully implemented which reduced annual costs by in excess of $1 million. Approximately one year following this acquisition, a precision machining company was acquired and A&J integrated the two entities under one roof. A second cost reduction program was then developed (projected savings of approximately $700,000 per year).

In addition to acquisition programs for its own account, A&J has also provided consulting services to both large entities (with sales of $400 million to in excess of $2 billion) and young, growth oriented companies. Historically, these services included strategic planning, industry and competitive analysis, development and implementation of acquisition programs, cost reduction programs and marketing and sales programs.
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